Sustainable process, sustainable products

Coil coating is the best available technology for applying paint to metal and the most environmental friendly as it helps minimising environmental problems such as emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC), high usage of chemicals, water, and energy, and the disposal of waste.

Sustainability benefits of prepainted metal

As an alternative to painting finished articles, prepainted metal provides many benefits because of the efficiency of applying paint by the roller-coating process to flat strip.

  • Wastage of paint is virtually eliminated.
  • The even application allows a reduced paint film thickness, so using less paint.
  • Paint drying and curing is carried out in a very well controlled way to dramatically cut emissions of harmful VOCs.
  • Fabricators who use pre-painting in place of post-painting have much simplified regulatory compliance.

Sustainable life span

The benefits of prepainted metal do not end with the manufacture of finished articles. The coatings generated through the coil coating process also present significant benefits during the service life of the final applications.le dernier arbre 2

Close control over the coating operation results in a high quality, reproducible and reliable finish. A coil coated part, even with a reduced paint film thickness, will generally last longer than an equivalent part with a post-applied coating. Prepainted metal for external exposure in some of the harshest climates are guaranteed for anything up to 40 years, so re-painting and eventual replacement is minimised.

Whatever the application, prepainted metal presents an efficient design solution. The inherent properties of the metals give them a high strength-to-weight ratio and continued development of steel grades and aluminium alloys can be enjoyed in prepainted form.

Through the myriad of applications in which these products are used, it is true to say that they really are at the heart of sustainable development.

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