Prices and fees

The following fees apply for potential future ECCA Premium® license holders

Application fees

Application fee shall be paid when submitting an ECCA Premium application and will be paid regardless of whether an ECCA Premium licence is granted or not. This is paid once for any NEW applications. Application fee covers the necessary administrative costs to handle the application and depends on the number of sites covered by the application.

  • Same fees are applied for ECCA and non-ECCA applicants
  • ECCA Premium licence holder wishing to add another production site within the scope of the label would require a new application and a new application fee
  • Adding a new product to an existing ECCA Premium® licence scheme by an ECCA premium® licence holder does not require a new application fee
Number of production sites covered by the application
1 sites € 500
2 sites € 900
3 sites € 1.200
4 sites € 1.400
5 sites € 1.600
6 sites € 1.800
7 site or more € 2.000


Initiation fees

Initiation fee is paid ONCE when a company is granted the first ECCA Premium licence. ECCA member companies are exempt from the initiation fee. For all non-ECCA companies, the initiation fee is the same regardless of the size of the company or the number of licences sought.

Initiation fees
ECCA member companies FREE
non-ECCA member companies € 10.000


Licence fees

ECCA Premium® licence fee is an annual fee and based on the number of sites and products covered by the licence.

LICENCE fees 1st additional
Product € 700 € 250
Production site € 500 € 250

According to the table above, the first licensed products costs 700€/year and any additional product in the label scheme will add 250€/year to the annual fee. Respectively, the first production site costs 500€/year and any additional production site will add 250€/year to the total annual fee.

Calculate your company’s annual licence fee

Inspection fees

Inspections will not be invoiced through ECCA Premium® organisation. Instead, they are freely negotiable between ECCA Premium® label applicants and the ECCA Premium® inspectors. A full list of approved inspectors for ECCA Premium® can be found HERE


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