ECCA Premium® label

ECCA Premium® is a quality and sustainability label for prepainted metal products designed for outdoor applications. Prepainted indoor products fulfilling the requirements can also be granted a label. Postpainted materials are not included in this scheme.

The requirements are divided in four categories:

  • Product quality
  • Product sustainability
  • Manufacturing quality
  • Manufacturing sustainability

The main idea of the label is to ensure that the requirements and principles of the existing European product and test standards (EN 1396, EN 10169 and EN 13523 series) are met. Therefore, the whole referential is based on well-known European and international standards, only in some cases defining performance requirements in addition.


ECCA Premium® is product and line specific. This means, that the label can be granted to a product produced on a specific line. If the same product is produced by the same company on another coil coating line, a separate inspection procedure will be required.

Product is defined by the producer by its brand name and/or technical specifications. Any variations within the product range are allowed on the condition that no variation results in non-conformity with the ECCA Premium® requirements. Therefore, a product may vary on the substrate type and thickness, metallic coating thickness, colour, gloss, and surface structure as long as its performance meets the ECCA Premium® level or higher.

A product may not vary on paint type and nominal thickness. Exception can be made for Aluminium substrates when paint thickness varies within the same product range due to colour matching, with the limit of max. 10μm from the nominal thickness. This variation may not lead to a lower film thickness than required by the ECCA Premium® specifications.

Line is defined as the coil coating process part of the line. Any combinations with other than prepainting (combilines) are accepted, but the line specific requirements defined are only applied and inspected on the prepainting section of the coil coating line.



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