How to get ECCA Premium®?

ECCA Premium® licence can be obtained following the steps below:

  1. Self-check by the applicant
  2. Application (click here to download) – sent to ECCA Premium® Certification Committee
    • In order to launch the initial inspection, submission of the following documents is mandatory
      • Certificates: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
      • Certificates or test reports: fire resistance, UV resistance, corrosion resistance
    • The following documents are optional:
      • Certificate(s): Safety management system
      • Test report(s) of mechanical tests
  3. Examination of the application by the ECCA Premium® Certification Committee

    • Demand for complementary information or approval for the initial inspection
  4. Initial inspection
    • The applicant may contact one of the approved ECCA Premium® inspectors and agree the time and date for the initial inspection
  5. Granting (or not) the ECCA Premium® licence
    • The decision of granting ECCA Premium® licence is taken by the Certification Committee based on the application, test reports, certificates, and the initial inspection report
    • ECCA Premium® licence is granted for a period of three (3) years at a time
  6. During the period of validity of an ECCA Premium® licence, random inspections will be organised
    • 1-2 random inspections during a period of validity of three (3) years
    • Random inspections will be called for by the ECCA Premium® Certification Committee
  7. Renewal inspection at the end of the period of validity of an ECCA Premium® licence

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