ECCA & ECCA Premium® Organisation

ECCA Premium organisation chart

ECCA Premium® secretariat

Main tasks

  • General administration, invoicing
  • Receiving and handling of new applications
  • Website updates
  • Meeting organisation
  • Maintaining ECCA Premium® licence holder register

ECCA Premium® Certification Committee

Main tasks

  • Grants the licences to use ECCA Premium® label based on the quality of the application and reports from independent inspectors and test laboratories
  • Maintains all external contacts, approves inspectors and test laboratories for the labeling scheme and maintains an updated list of them at the ECCA website
  • Ensures proper training for the inspectors and provides support for the inspections
  • Performs regular audits at the inspector organisations and audits the inspectors as needed


  • Managing Director, ECCA
  • Technical Manager, ECCA

ECCA Premium® Advisory Committee

Main tasks (click here)

  • Develops policies relating to the operations of ECCA Premium® certification scheme
  • Develops, maintain and update the quality and sustainability specifications required to obtain the ECCA Premium® label
  • Supervises the implementation of the policies and procedures
  • Together with the accreditation committee ensures impartiality of the certification activities by identifying risks on an ongoing basis and defining a mechanism to safeguard impartiality
  • Receives, evaluates and makes decisions on complaints and appeals
  • Supervises the finances of ECCA Premium® certification scheme


  • Aluminium coil coaters
  • Steel coil coaters
  • Paint supplier(s)
  • Inspector(s)
  • Customer(s)
  • External expert(s)

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