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ECCA Premium ® newsletter from ECCA French Group

13 April 2016

Prepainted metal has numerous applications in construction and in recent years, thanks to its aesthetic and technical characteristics, has become a favourite among many architects and contracting authorities.

For too long the material was unjustly restricted to industrial and commercial buildings, but it has now carved out a place for itself in contemporary architecture. The multiple projects highlighting steel or aluminium cladding are proof of its rise.

Designers now enjoy 2 major advantages:

  • Unique mechanical characteristics and capacity for
  • The “ECCA Premium®” label which offers users the
    certainty of excellent product performance both in terms
    of quality and sustainability.

This label, representing real added-value for those who
use coated aluminium and steel products, guarantees
their optimal UV and corrosion resistance while opening
horizons for architectural expression and design.

This major innovation is not a one-off development.
Prepainted metal regularly undergoes revolutions. We
decided to turn these pages over to four major figures
so they can talk about placing innovation at the heart of
their DNA.

The full article is available here.

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